What You Need to Know about Using a Paint Sprayer

Using a paint sprayer will create a painting task a lot of easier, particularly if you’re making an attempt to hide a bigger space. whereas employing a paint sprayer will offer you that skilled end that you just area unit wanting for; it will take somewhat little bit of follow. you must perpetually prepare on another surface 1st before you utilize the sprayer for the particular task. Here is what you wish to grasp concerning employing a paint sprayer:

Prepping the Paint

One of the foremost frequent complaints related to sprayers is that they get clogged quite simply. To avoid this, you wish to skinny out the paint and blend it fastidiously so no clumps stay. Ideally, you must attempt to skinny the paint by ten – 15 August 1945. For paints that area unit water based mostly, you’ll use water as a dilutant. For people who area unit oil-based, you’ll be a lot of winning victimization turpentine. you’ll then add this mixture to the sprayer.

The Perfect atmosphere

If you would like your paint job to dry well, you’re reaching to ought to anticipate the perfect conditions. this suggests that you just ought to anticipate the temperature to be between forty five and seventy five degrees. Painting in weather that’s too cold can cause it to dry too slowly and cause dirt to induce stuck to the paint. Temperatures that area unit too heat can force the paint to dry too quickly, preventing correct bonding.

Proper Position

Usually, you must be standing concerning 10 to 12 inches off from the wall as you spray. Standing any away means less paint are going to be sprayed whereas standing too shut can cause an excessive amount of paint to be sprayed.

The Spraying Technique

== you must perpetually hold the sprayer perpendicular to the wall or the surface. attempt to avoid moving the nozzle up and down because the paint are going to be inconsistently applied.
== don’t move the sprayer in associate degree arc because the ending won’t look even.
== To avoid an excessive amount of paint in one spot, move the sprayer 2 to 3 feet every second.
== to induce a perfect end, paint in many skinny layers instead of one thick layer.
== forestall paint increase on the sprayer tip guard by wiping it often with a artefact.

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