Wagner W-550 HVLP Fine Paint

Little Helper

Wagner is one in every of the leading makers of painting instrumentality. And currently we have a tendency to propose you to own a better scrutinize their paint spray system W-550. Its practicality is simply good for painting fences, doors, walls, or piece of furniture. This sprayer will use acrylic and oil paints, antiseptic and protecting compounds, totally different varnishes. And it does not matter that material you’re about to use – paint layer are going to be skinny and sleek. it is also doable to spray each in horizontal and vertical positions. what’s notable, the sprayer is fitted with a flow regulator for various surfaces. the great factor is that its rotary engine works taciturnly and you even haven’t got to wear ear protection whereas spraying. Click and Paint system permits you to vary the paint materials simply in one motion. And note – with Wagner W-550 you may lay aside to five hundredth time compared to brushes or rollers. during a shell, this sprayer combines cheap value, prime quality, convenience and movableness. Sums it up!

Paint Sprayer for Pastry? Why not?!

In addition to its main purpose, a paint sprayer may be conjointly employed in a awfully uncommon means. Some avid pastry cookers came up with a choice of making the “velvet chocolate effect” on cakes, pastries, and alternative confectioneries. Such coating provides a awfully stunning matted impact permitting you to surprise your guests. And attributable to the very fact that Wagner W-550 has all the certificates confirming the entire safety of its materials, the sprayer will produce such a pastry masterpiece. Why do cooks select a paint sprayer to make such associate degree effect? A paint sprayer is a reasonable tool that is compatible with an excellent style of colors. so as to form a “velvet effect”, you have got to combine the correct proportion of cocoa butter and chocolate, generally this proportion is 50/50. Then you’ll optionally add dye liquid, stir all ingredients and apply the mixture on your pastry.

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